Investors see a new opportunity in pink diamonds

Not only pink, but also red diamonds are becoming very rare as time passes by. This is because fewer mines remain operational and less mines are being discovered. On a global scale only 30 mines remain operational. De Beers, the biggest diamond company in the world, estimates only a 1% chance on finding new exploitable diamond mines.

Auction: 51 pink diamonds

Soon, a collection of 55 diamonds, consisting of pink and purple red diamonds, and four ‘Fancy Red’ diamonds, will be auctioned. The collection goes under the name “Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender” Collection. This is a very remarkable event because in the last thirty years there were only thirteen red diamonds sold at these annual actions.


Argyle Pink Diamonds

Australia: country of the pink diamond

The Argyle mine in Australia is responsible for the mining of this exclusive collection. Almost the only known place on earth known to be a source of pink and red diamonds is this mine. The demand for this mine’s diamonds kept rising for years which leads to sensational sales for the Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine. The prices are much higher for these diamonds compared to the prices of white diamonds.

Asia, a growing market

The price increases aren’t that strange if you take a look at the demand from the Asian continent. In 2000 Asia only covered 8% of the marked. In 2012 China and Hong Kong represented 13% of the global demand. In 2017, their share is probably going to rise to 18%.

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