• Het afrekenmoment is nabij (Alexander Sassen van Elsloo; IEX)
  • Senaat wil studie naar hypotheekrenteaftrek (Nu.nl)
  • Fitch: groter risico op wanordelijke default (RTL-Z)
  • Sarkozy roept op tot noodbijeenkomst vanwege Grieks referendum (RTL-Z)

Nog meer Griekenland..

  • Greeks threatened with power cuts if they fail to pay property tax (Guardian)
  • G-Pap's Referendum Bomb Was Secret Even From His Finance Minister (Zero Hedge)
  • Fury in Germany after Greek referendum call (Reuters)
  • The Papandreou plunge (FT Alphaville)
  • European Stocks Drop as Greece’s Govement Calls Referendum; Banks Tumble (Bloomberg)

Het Trojaanse paard is in Griekenland – net zoals de stier op Wall Street – geveld..

En er gebeurt nog veel meer..

  • Who Is Mario Draghi? (Wall Street Pit)
  • OECD cuts growth forecasts, urges G20 to act on eurozone (Telegraph)
  • Japan intervenes to tame soaring yen ahead of G20 (Reuters)
  • The Games of Banks and Govements (Acting Man)
  • Shocker: The More You Pay a Rating Agency, the More They Do Your Bidding! (FDL News Desk)
  • The Solyndra Story No One Knows: Top Investor Served In Kochs’ Cato Institute, Runs Americans Elect (Exiled Online)
  • Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: “War Is Widely Thought To Be Linked To Economic Good Times … NONSENSE” (Washington's Blog)
  • US Treasury Estimates It Will Have to Borrow More (CNBC)