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Market Update (16 december 2014)


  • ‘Millionaire’ high school investor admits he made it all up (Telegraph)
  • The Devastation Of America’s Working Class (Zero Hedge)
  • Bond Investors Are Writing Off Inflation for Years, If Not Decades, to Come (Bloomberg)
  • Deflatie in aantocht (FTM)
  • Bizar: Qatar koopt half Londen (925)


  • Russia raises rates in emergency move as ruble collapses (Reuters)
  • Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998 (Bloomberg)
  • Russians Squeezed by Skyrocketing Mortgage Payments as Ruble Weakens (The Moscow Times)
  • Russian State Media Downplays Extent of Ruble Crisis (The Moscow Times)
  • 1998 Comes Calling in Currency and Credit Plunges From Russia to Venezuela (Bloomberg)


  • Kissinger warns of West’s ‘fatal mistake’ that may lead to new Cold War (Russia Today)
  • Gorbachev Says United States Needs Perestroikas (Sputnik News)
  • White House Still Deciding Whether to Approve Russian Sanctions Bill (Sputnik News)
  • Russia confirms its support for Iraq to counter terrorism (Iraq Directory)
  • More air strikes near eastern Libyan oil port and border to Tunisia (Reuters)


  • Xinhua Insight: Time to seize the opportunity of China’s “new normal” (Shanghai Daily)
  • Indian rupee falls to 13-month low against US dollar (BRICS Post)

Grafiek/Cartoon van de dag

De goudprijs in Russische roebels explodeert